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Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.

Author Unknown

At Monet's Garden in Giverny, France

  My Favorite Artists


What is art if you can't share it?  I truly believe that art in ALL it's forms is healing and good for the soul. It needs to be shared and art must continually be created. We are all creators in our own right. So whether you make a painting, a sculpture, a drawing, a digital masterpiece, a  stunning garden, a gourmet meal or any creation...... enjoy it, share it and continue to create!


My favorite artists links are below. Some I have met, some not, some are from an era where I was not even on this planet.



Richard Stergulz ---- A master portrait painter right here in Temecula.


Michael Stutz --- I was always amazed at this talented sculptors abilitly to produce such big works of art that were so inspiring. Must be seen.






Terry Isaac --- Gifted, talented and out of this world wildlife artist. I had the pleasure to learn wildlife painting from this master.


Joseph Zubukvic --- A watercolor artist from Australia whom I had the pleasure of meeting. So gifted and talented his art will make you cry it is so beautiful.


Frank Webb --- An original Frank Webb hangs on my wall. He taught me so many things I cannot name them all. A true watercolor artist.


Robert Burridge

If you ever have a chance to learn from this artist, DO IT! He is super talented, funny and just a cool guy. And oh yes, his art is beyond amazing.



Vincent Van Gogh

I had the privilege of visiting the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. I could not stop staring at history, greatness,

talent and beauty all at once. His story is incredible and read about his life if you are interested.




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